Breaking the Chick Code!

blue cleavage

THANK YOU! You are the ONE source of information that for me has successfully broken the secret "female code" that was driving me crazy. Incredible. It blew my mind. I had to read the book all in one sitting... occasionally taking a break to pace the floor with a big grin saying...

"So, THAT'S it..".

Some of the things in your book would never have entered my mind - not in a million years. Now I can logically take apart every date, every failed relationship, and pinpoint EXACTLY where I went wrong. It all makes sense at last. Anyway, I just got back from a first date with a red-hot woman. I knew exactly what to do, the exact signals to look for, what to say, and how to act.

Needless to say, after reading your book, I confidently kissed her at the end of the date. Absolutely no problem! When I got home, I had an e-mail waiting from her telling me that she wanted to go out again. :-) Thanks again, and you have my permission to use this email as a review. Your book is easily worth its weight in gold. Bravo!

— Donald B.

You're a Life Saver Mike!

I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing this book. It has given me a new found optimism that I may one day experience true happiness again, and be able to have satisfying relationships with women who I find attractive and who conversely find me attractive!

I'm 28, and the lack of meaningful relationships with women in my life has taken a severe toll on my emotional well being. It made me spend what should have been the best years of my life in despair. There are a lot of lonely people like me in this world and what you are doing to help us is very needed and appreciated. I honestly feel the decision to purchase your book may have saved my life.

— Ray M.

Finally, a writer who understands the plight of the average joe!

One of the biggest problems I've had with most self-help material on women is that they typically brush off the past as insignificant. But for most people who have extreme difficulty with women -- as opposed to those who at least have occasional success -- truly understanding our inner working AND HOW WE CAME TO BE THIS WAY is paramount to overcoming the obstacles. How can you defeat fear if you don't know where it comes from?

lawn chair nude

Well, maybe some people can brainwash themselves, but not lonely, introverted, critical thinkers. And that's where this book stands out. The author offers keen insight into fear and shame and how they evolve throughout our lives, and in particular, in those early formative years. In fact, the first few chapters of this book may as well have been my autobiography! (Although he hardly mentions religion, which in my case, was a significant contributor to my self-defeating attitude and behavior.)

I also appreciate his approach to COURTING women (as opposed to "picking up" women. Most other programs advocate manipulation ("negs" or "cocky-funny" etc.), sneaking under the radar ("ask her opinion on something" or "talk to her friends while actually ignoring her a bit" etc.), and other "techniques" that basically only work in crowded, trendy bars and strip clubs, because they ignore the essential nature of the mating game -- we PRESENT ourselves, they CHOOSE. This is a powerful perspective because it is universal among organisms that reproduce sexually. This perspective is in stark contrast to the banter that most other pickup artists employ that only describes certain limited social characteristics of certain species.

Consequently, while other programs advocate gimmicks to "beat the system," Pilinski acknowledges the hard truths (like the shortcomings of being short, or the fact that you will not bed every chick you hit on no matter what Mystery-Cocky-Funny-Hypnosis-whatever methods you use) and instead focuses on the NATURAL DANCE of courtship. For example, most guys still struggle with women when using the aforementioned methods because these methods all skip the fundamental first "step" -- EYE CONTACT. Sure, they give you "rules" for making eye contact, like "don't look away until she looks away" or "move in on the third look." But then they drown you in "approaches" that have you butting into other people's space uninvited. Hence the shenanigans. This book is for guys who are grounded in reality, not kung-fu pickup artist fantasies.

This book is for the highly intelligent, creative, wonderful guys out there who find themselves paralyzed by shame and fear and thoroughly naive and ignorant in the mating game. This is for guys who simply want to feel like human beings around women, not pimps.

— R.K.

A Groundbreaking Book

   Reviewed by Bruce Peters (Buffalo, NY USA)

I read the e-book version that Mike sells. When I bought it, I was a complete loser with women. (Since then I've gotten much better.) I can without hesitation say that Without Embarrassment was absolutely a godsend for me. My problem used to be that I reeked of a low-status male. I was the classic guy who was dumped on, who acted way too nice to everybody. Mike explains how to cure your low status craving for the approval of others, but at the same time how to display high status without becoming a jerk.

Plus Mike gives some tips and techniques for how to get women to be attracted to you. When I got Without Embarrassment, I read it over a 2-day marathon. (It's a long book.) It helped my improvement tremendously. Now, a definite disclaimer about this book: it is NOT for guys who are already good with girls. If you've already got a lot of self-confidence, then you're better off getting more advanced books. But if, like I was, you've got social phobia and constantly feel embarrassed about yourself, this book will help you.

Recovering from a Bad Childhood

I just wanted to express my appreciation for the book you wrote. I'm finding it to be very helpful -- you really have a lot of good ideas about seduction and also about how to become the kind of man that women love to love. In fact, I can't really say there is anything in your book that I disagree with, and that's saying a lot for me because I love to nit pick the negative (but I'm changing!). One thing I really want to thank you for is for guiding me to Bradshaw's work on shame. I found that for me, this was really the biggest problem I'd been having all my life. Actually, my past experiences with picking up women really weren't that bad, but it always seemed like when I did pick them up I would get fearful that I wasn't good enough, I'd screw things up, etc.

After reading Bradshaw's book, I discovered this deeply-rooted problem goes back to my abusive and neglectful childhood. I'm starting to reconcile that problem now, and meeting women seems a million times easier.

After getting a lot of confusing and worthless opinions from TV, magazines and friends who really don't know what the hell they're talking about, it's been amazing for me to see how much your ideas have changed my life. I've decided to trust myself and stop listening to the idiocy of others who haven't got a clue about any of this stuff the way you seem to. Like you said, you can't change 4 million years of biology in a generation -- so learning to trust ourselves is basically like learning how to accept what those 4 million years are trying to teach us.

— Jason J.

An E-book Suppository???

Just a note from an eternally grateful Brit to let you know how it all turned out for me after I purchased your e-book, "Without Embarrassment". I got the book a few months back, thought it was a load of BS, and filed it in the folder labeled 'Self Help', along with many other useless writings I'd collected over the years. However, something stuck in my turd-for-a-brain... Why was it okay for my boss to put his hands on my shoulders, but not for me to do the same? It bugged me... why not, exactly?

green miniskirt

That got me thinking about other stuff as well, such as why do I develop a fascination with my feet when I'm talking to anyone with authority? I'd seen something about 'alpha males' on the Discovery Channel, but that only applied to baboons and stuff -- not people, right?


I read your book again, and bit by bit the truth dawned on me. In my misplaced desire to please everyone, I pleased no-one. Least of all me. So I stepped up to the plate, took the challenge... and failed miserably. Fortunately for you, I couldn't afford to personally come to the States and shove your e-book up your ass!

I felt worse, not better, as my ego by now seemed much smaller than my dick. So I went on holiday to nurse my wounds, to drink stupid cocktails and wear stupid shirts. I was relaxed, and I couldn't have cared less. And lo and behold, the women came-a-calling.... Since then I haven't looked back. I've got a steady girlfriend, regular sex, and clean socks. She can't cook for toffee, but hey, that's what microwave dinners are for! And I have you to thank for it... for sharing your humor and wisdom with us mere mortals. From the bottom of my heart, thank-you.

— Andrew N.

Even Homer Simpson Loves Without Embarrassment!

Mike, You have really changed my outlook on the whole process of dating/women/male & female relationships... In short everything I've read so far has just literally blown me away! And your humor is out-fucking-standing! I laughed so hard at the T-shirt one ("The Federation must rid itself of Romulans") that I spit-laughed coffee all over my desk! Hahah! The whole thing has really been a cathartic experience for me and has really given me genuine insights to a plethora of my own Toxic Thinking! (...smashing forehead with palm... DOH!...)

— Steve B.

Without Embarrassment Spans all the Disciplines of Science...

I just finished reading Without Embarrassment. It was the best advice I've ever received on the Game, and a highly enjoyable read in its own right. You seem to have taken knowledge from all over -- biology, psychology, personal experience -- and synthesized it into a wonderfully clear picture of what really goes on between men and women. Your style is great, too; informative without attempting to come off as a scientific expert, funny, honest, surprisingly humane and realistic.

sally mahr

The stuff about shamed affection needs was very eye opening -- I'm willing to bet that this is an issue with most American men whether they know it or not. I also came across something you said about your feelings of anger at how women seem to control the whole mating process; I've felt this way for years as well.

It's always struck me as unfair that men seem to be essentially begging. I've got too much pride for that shit! I don't know if it really is a feeling that stems from low status, but at the very least you've given me the necessary kick in the ass: "Embrace your role as a man!" The step-by-step exposition of the Seduction process was also invaluable. I've always had difficulties moving a date in the desired direction (bed), but the whole concept of Escalation has made it much clearer, especially the importance of indicating interest and striking at the right moment.

The stuff on NLP was good, too. I've been into this for a while now, but for guys who've never heard of it, it will be a great tool. I loved your whole approach of knowledge plus action. There is nothing so unstoppable as a mad scientist with the balls to carry out his ideas! The "Big Picture" chapter was interesting. You seem to be one of the few seduction gurus who can see beyond the sex part. Unfortunately, I'm not yet that mature to really care about the other parts, but it was nice to see that someone has a larger sense of humanity about all this. Ahhh....the Game! It is truly a fascinating game, and you have done more than justice to it.

— Nick B.

Music to My Novel-plotting Ears...

As a voracious reader myself, I look for several characteristics to determine whether a book is any good -- 1) high quality writing, 2) unique revelations, 3) does the author have a good grasp of the subject matter. You scored at least 90% in all three areas I think. There is no doubt that you write well. And, (perhaps the main reason that I love books to begin with), you revealed information that the average reader would not be able to think of on his own in the course of everyday life, such as 'the handshake' and 'eye-movement' techniques.

topless denim

And finally, the third point is covered as you seemed to be able to anticipate and answer questions before they can be asked. The humor that you salted the book with here and there was a nice touch also. All in all, I'd say it was a good book, and money well spent. You seem to be offering a framework of techniques to work with where the woman does all the work of filling it in. One can adapt your methods to fit the situation, so you're not hemmed in. Might I make a few suggestions though?

The Appendix A containing the Cayman Magic story for me was the best part of the book, as it tied all the techniques together in a man-woman setting. But what I was hoping that you would do is add in one more story, perhaps in your next edition, that really gave the guy some "obstacles"--some examples of what men would encounter in real life to get around. Maybe her boyfriend comes out of nowhere, meeting parents that give him a hard time, her girlfriends trying to persuade her not to go out with him, etc.

As you mentioned in the book, the story was based in a perfect world for instruction purposes, just to observe the techniques in action. I would have loved to see them being tested and still prevail. You might want to consider writing a separate book containing instructions like you did in Appendix A as another profit stream. I'd buy it! Also, now that I've read the book, it's obvious that your charging far too little for it. Double the price. Good job Mike.

— Kevin P.

Mowin' em down in the Land of the Rising Sun...

Greetings from Kobe, Japan. This was a great book, pure and simple! The author draws on psychology, NLP, common sense, and personal experience to teach you how to become more successful with women. The book is written with alpha male-type humor sprinkled throughout, and manages to tone down the technical mumbo-jumbo in order to make the concepts he is teaching really easy to understand by using ordinary language and really good analogies. The key thing you will learn reading this book is how to basically act like a man that women want, and to not be ashamed of that behavior. The book is written from the perspective of someone who had to learn the hard way, as the author was by his own admission short, not particularly good looking, and filled with shame about his desire for women.

He even manages to show you how in certain ways such "detriments" such as being short or not good-looking can actually be used to your advantage when you understand the principles he teaches! If you ever saw an ugly guy with a totally hot chick and wondered how the hell he managed it, these ideas on how to turn your weaknesses into strength will leave you nodding your head in understanding. After some background information in the first few chapters, you will take a test to see how high you presently rank on the High Status Male scale. (Out of 250 points I personally scored 218, and so a lot of the book was about things I already felt I knew, but with over 300 pages I found plenty of new ideas to make it worth reading, and I plan to keep it on my Kindle and read it many more times.)


Once you take the quiz, you go back to reading the final chapters and learn how to improve your score in the high status male realm. Among the new things I personally learned was an interesting new approach to applying self anchors. I have long had an anchor set that fires when I place my hand on my thigh, and beyond that I have never really used self anchors much, but the new idea in this book is making me re-think how to set and fire self anchors. Then there is the novel idea for improving a woman's orgasm using eye accessing cues. I don't know if it will work, but I can say that at least after reading that section, I finally memorized (despite reading many books with the same information) which eye access cues mean what in the BIG scheme of things (I just needed the proper motivation, I guess).

There was also the best explanation I have ever read on exactly how to combine your smile and eye contact with a woman for a devastatingly powerful effect. And his way of shaking a woman's hand sounds like a truly classy move. Its important to say that this book is about how to be a high status male, but its not full of useless advice like other material that advises things like "first, go buy yourself a Ferrari and a yacht". Instead, its packed with advice about how to act like a high status male. And by this I don't mean stupid crap like "keep your nose pointing at a 135 degree angle in order to look down at everyone around you". Instead, its things that are as simple as how to act when someone cuts you off in a parking lot while you are driving with a woman, how to actually listen and reflect what a woman says, etc."

This book was particularly interesting to me because I felt it fits nicely with my toolbox philosophy of picking up women. Basically, as you read this book will find yourself picking up many tools for acting in a way that shows women that you are a high status male. By the time you are finished with all 300 pages, you will be able to give yourself a pat on the back because you will have a whole specialized section of your toolbox filled to the brim with high status male tools and artillery. The book even has a fictional story written in romance novel style that helps you understand how an ideal pickup might proceed using the ideas covered in the book. The story is then repeated with the author's comments in case you didn't get all the subtleties he wove into the story.

Overall, the only "negative" to the book for me was that it had a few pages on how to keep that one special woman. This really doesn't figure into my strategy right now, but eventually it may, so even this was worth the read, actually. If you are looking for that one special woman, than that just makes this book a better buy for you. If you are a hardcore pick up artist, then you can choose to skip those pages at your discretion. The raise your score on the High Status Male quiz, the more I suggest you practice the advice in the book.

Don't just read it once and go on, regardless of your level. A lot of the advice in the book is going to require some of you to use balls you never knew you had, but the good news is that by the time you are done you will have big balls of steel and will be a total bad ass with women. Any fear of rejection that remained in my mind was obliterated and I went out and acted like an approaching MACHINE last night (and picked up a few phone numbers along the way! ;-) Now all that you need to do to begin that journey is to have the balls to go buy the book!

— Kaito T.

It is I who am humbled to be mentioned in the same breath as these Titans...

I found your book to be very interesting and it made a great deal of sense as to why I have had such difficulty talking to and scoring with girls. I guess I was ( '"was", since I'm not anymore ;-) one of those guys who over-thought everything and suffered from the "paralysis of analysis" kind of thing.

I am quite smart (169 IQ, 1510 SAT, MENSA member) and I must say that I found your book immensely enlightening and insightful on the same scale that I found physics books such as Steven Hawking's A Brief History of Time, Feyman's Quantum ElectroDynamics and Lederman's The God Particle enlightening. I was humbled by your intellect and your knowledge of this material on a MASSIVE scale.

You Sir are "THE MAN"

— Rick H.

No PhD's Up My Sleeve...

elle doorway

I have finished reading your book and I wanted to say that I am so glad that you wrote it. I am amazed that a person who, as far as I know, doesn't have a doctoral degree in psychology or sociology has written a book that is so informative and helpful in a real sense. You did not use a lot of big words or complicated theories to get your point across, and it comes across very well. The part where you talk about toxic shame nailed my ass dead center. I had never heard of such a thing but upon reading it I had recollected about my life and started crying. I never felt so bad and yet so free and enlightened at the same time. The mere knowledge of why I have been so afraid of getting close to women is apparent now, and I immediately feel less ashamed simply knowing that the shame exists.

I had no idea that there was someone else out there like myself with these same problems. I plan to read the book "The Shame that Binds You" to get further insight into how I can help myself, and also how I can make sure that none of my brothers and sisters or my future children grow up with toxic shame. I just want to say once again thank you for writing this book. Only God knows how many more years it would have taken for me to see a speckle of light in the darkness. This goes to show that in order for a person to be able to effectively counsel someone, the counselor himself should have gone through the same problem. Thank you and God Bless.

— Alan A.

Geeze... Save some for the rest of us

Ok you're book and advice are simply amazing! Since putting into effect some of the things you mentioned (especially the whole point of being a HSM), last week was simply fantastic! I did in fact respond to Kristin's (26 Vietnamese, 5'0" knockout) invite for another date and we are going out this Saturday. I kept the email short and sweet just like you said to. That's just the kicker!

sexy selfie

Friday night I went out to another party at a friends place and ended up making out with Dani (20 year old Guatemalan, 5'2" with a body like you wouldn't believe). Saturday night, I had a party at my place. I had met Christina once before (21 year old, 5'5" sexy Mexican chick) but by the end of the night we were totally into each other and I honestly think, if my female cousins weren't there, we would have ended up sleeping together. Half way there ain't bad at all though!

I still have quite a bit of work to do as I now look back on those experiences and realize that I'm still a bit rough around the edges. But I'm definitely looking forward to the practice!! On the agenda for this weekend, going out with Julie (21 year old, 5'4" Korean beauty) Friday night, Saturday afternoon date with Kristin, and Saturday night is wide open with endless possibilities as I'm hanging out with my cousin and all her girlfriends. And I owe it all to you and your book!!! It has made many things clear to me in my pursuit of beauties and how to attract them. Thanks a mill and I'll talk to ya soon,

— Simon C.

Never mix beer bongs and credit cards

Hey Mike, I went on an Internet shopping rampage last night when I was severely intoxicated. Is there any way I can cancel this purchase? My bank account's nearly empty as it is.

-Kris Sept. 28 3:06PM

Alright, your refund in processed. Since you got a free book out of your "rampage", why don't you write me a nice review or something? P.S. Stay away from the beer bong... Good Luck to you,

~Mike Pilinski Sept. 28 4:34PM

Holy crap, this IS good stuff! Keep the money. Really. Take it back. Sorry to bother you. Maybe I should "drunk shop" more often!

-Kris Sept. 28 4:55PM

Hi Kris, Thanks for the kind words about the book, glad you like it. Unfortunately, the charge on your card has been reversed already. The only way for me to get paid is for you to go back through the system and order the book again just the way you did last night. Don't worry, you'll only be charged once. I appreciate your honesty.

-- MP Sept. 28 10:52PM

Hi Mike, Okay, I went through and paid again, no problem. Your book's a real eye-opener. The whole section on toxic shame really put things into perspective. I know I've struggled with aspects of my social life due to a horrendously traumatic childhood, and have been seeing a counselor to try and piece it together, but your writings really struck a note and put things into frame on how to visualize the world. Having been near the bottom of things, I've been noting how things work in terms of social proof in determining how the chips of opportunity with women fall into place, but your book really helps visualize all the bits of what I've seen into a coherent case. I'm only halfway through and it's truly amazing how much I've learned in one day. Thank you so much!

— Kris M.

Shaking Hands in Bars

Hi Mike, I just wanted to thank you for writing this book... I've found the information it contains to be extremely useful. I am truly impressed with the insights you posses in regards to the whole male-female relationship thing. The past few weeks have been incredible ego boosters for me...

handshake trick

At the bars, I'm concentrating on displaying a HSM aura and, dear lord, it works! Just last night I was at the bar with a few friends and, after walking over to put a few quarters on the pool table, I turn around to see a nice looking blonde with her hand outstretched offering me her name and asking me for mine! I did the hand shake trick you described in your book, and I'll tell you, I could see in her eyes that she was into me. It was like I was the only person in her world at that moment. It's been a long time since something like that has happened to me.

Nothing happened between us because I was actually a little busy chatting up a nice redhead at the bar (someone I've known for a while who's just released her boyfriend)... But it's really nice to be appreciated (even nicer that a female took the initiative... to meet me!)

— Mike T.

Another Fan of the Handshake Trick...

Hey, I tried that handshake trick you described on p. 58... and IT WORKS! I was dancing at this place named Rockin' Rodeo (Tempe, AZ) with a teacher visiting form Georgia (tons of teachers visit here and Florida during the two-week Xmas vacation). She introduced me to her Mom, who was good-looking. I used that handshake, and even though Mom's boyfriend was standing right there, she kept her hand right on mine way after I released hers.

It was almost like she was hypnotized. It was all I could do to keep from saying out loud, "This shit really works!"

— Chip

( 5 days later... )

Mike- I'm 2-for-2 with your handshake technique! Last night I had a first date with a teacher who lives nearby. We met at a cowboy bar about 6 weeks ago, and I've been e-mailing ever since. Anyhow, last night we met at a little R&B lounge so we could talk (cowboy bars are pretty loud, especially if it has a DJ who NEVER takes a break like live bands do). When I greeted her, I used the handshake trick again, and she did NOT move her hands an inch! She just kept them right on top of mine, and -- just like the woman I met at Rockin' Rodeo -- she looked like she was in a trance. Close dancing and a nice goodnight kiss seemed like they were automatic. Nice tip, buddy. Your book is a small price to pay for something that works like Love Potion #9!

— Chip

Eastwood-type Finally Figures it Out

Hi Mike. Love the book. It’s the one single book on the net that has ALL the answers in it and none of the bullshit. I’m recommending it all over. You see, I spent 2 years gathering all the theoretical knowledge I could on the subject of seduction, and I thought I knew everything till I read your book ( I guess there was still more to learn! ). Above all reasons I love your book, it was the first to ever actually tell me what’s blocking me from enjoying success with women. And trust me I’ve read a lot of books -- from those on seduction to those on NLP and psychology.

You see… I never had much trouble attracting girls or causing them to have an interest in me. But was I getting laid like a rock star? No way! And only after reading your book did I understand why. You see, the answer in your book was that I’m afraid of showing that I need intimacy, or that I have any need for other people at all. I didn’t really have much fear of rejection -- yet I was unable to pick up any of the female fruit that was all around me. I was going mad before reading your book! Why was I afraid to get it on with any of these girls who were putting ME in the position to reject THEM!? Well, your book finally answered it for me. And for that I am very thankful. It ended a period in my life that almost resulted in a nervous breakdown.

— Alan B.

Get Some Religion...

Good day, I bought your book on July 15th 2003. I can't claim to have absorbed all of it completely, or to have practiced all of it down to the last comma, however... my success with women has been exceptional since using your material. Put directly, I get laid about as often as I want. I can only imagine how potent I would be if I did follow it religiously, except for the fact that I have a great life and women are no longer an issue now that I'm on a path to success. Thanks for helping to change my life so positively Mike.

— Lloyd M.

It's the Secret of the Stars!


Hey Mike, Just dropping a note to tell you that you've crafted an absolute masterpiece! The best book on the whole area of seduction and the male female dynamic I've ever read. I used watch guys like Cary Grant, Jack Nicholson, Al Pacino, DeNiro, Samuel L Jackson, Russel Crowe and George Clooney and wonder what elevated them above the rest of the pack. I'm not talking about looks or money here -- because there is any amount of pretty and rich people on TV.

No, I'm talking about some quality that I couldn't put my finger on that just set them apart. Then I read your book and I found out about the dominant male display! Not only did I realize that this was this powerful force that all the aforementioned guys had in spades, but I also realized that a schlub like me could get in on some of the action! You give all the essential building blocks to become the man that all men should be and that all women want! Can't wait to get started!

— Your No.1 Irish fan... Kieran

Getting Over His Bitterness

Thanks for the work and effort you put in your book. It has opened my eyes to all the things I was doing wrong, and gave me a clear insight on male/female relationships.

I've always loved women but felt completely at odds with them because I didn't understand them. You see guys out there who seem less attractive, less intelligent, and less accomplished and yet who have far greater success with women. It was causing me to become very bitter, cynical, and resentful towards women. I am 47 years old and was just about ready to give up on the possibility of ever having any type of fulfilling relationship. Now that I'm gaining perspective though, I can see all kinds of opportunities.

Of all the amazing insights I learned from your book, the most helpful was the one where you said "Lurking inside every rotten situation there exists a seed of infinite possibility. If you can find the seed and nurture it, a catharsis will occur in your life, a monumental change. Knowledge is all that is necessary. Knowledge and training breeds confidence in any kind of human endeavor." Very powerful words, life changing words... life saving words. From me and all the other guys who have benefited from your book I just want to say thanks.

— Grover J.

Time to Contact MacMillan Schoolbook Division...

This book should be required reading for every male when they hit the age of 15. I wasn't necessarily doing bad with women before, but your book has given me insight to what I was doing wrong, and has helped me refine my "game" to a point where my friends (who are self proclaimed "players") are now asking me for advice!

— Kevin L.

Rumblin', Bumblin' and Stumblin'...

I can't begin to tell you how helpful your book was. I was married very young (17) and ended up divorced almost 24 years later. To say that I had NO seduction skills would be a monumental understatement. Your well written and insightful book saved me years of learning on my own! You should lengthen the name of your book to include the phrase "A guide for the socially clueless", as it is just as much (if not more) helpful to someone like me as it is to those who are shy. My first "enlightened encounter" after reading your book a couple times was a hilarious disaster. I made every mistake there is BUT, I went away ecstatic. Why?...

dirty blonde

Because I had just bumbled my way through a 45 minute conversation with a gorgeous 29 year old. The earth did not open up and swallow me, nor did she fall to the floor laughing! She actually enjoyed the conversation. I knew that it would get easier and easier with practice (which it did). The point is, I may never have even approached her, and I certainly would have made far, far more mistakes if I had (she even gave me a phony number, but I didn't care because I had actually ASKED for her number)! Now three weeks later (and dozens of less and less botched approaches) I have more women than I possibly have time for!

And I'm actually getting pretty good at it! Thank You. You saved me years, if not a lifetime, of figuring it out! Sincerely,

— Eddie A.

A Great Investment

This is by far the greatest investment I've made for myself. Your details on how to execute the first kiss is worth many times the price of your book - the simplicity of it is just beautiful. I was so clueless on this ONE aspect of the seduction dance. Because of the revelations from your book, my life is going to be amazing... beyond my wildest imaginings. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

— Tom V.


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