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Turn Women on Instantly with this New Scientific Method

by on Oct.03, 2013, under Meeting Women

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I suppose it HAD to happen someday: with all the major advances in psychology and behavioral science in the past decade, I knew that a REAL doctor was going to come along one day and figure out how to seduce a woman with methods that would be precise, scientific and tested.

And now it’s happened.

Psychologist Dr. David Tan has become a minor celebrity in Asia, where he was actually pushed out of a prominent teaching position at a top university for conducting social-sexual research that was deemed too controversial.  You see, Dr. Tan’s research into the question of  “what makes a woman want to sleep with a man?…” happened to offend too many of his stuffy academic peers, and they waged a successful protest for his removal.

But WE love this guy don’t we?… a guy who aims to answer those truly great life questions such as, “How do I get that hot bitch over there interested in boffing me?…” — questions that are genuinely important for the enrichment of our lives. 😉

Short summary of this long story: Dr. Tan discovered that the female brain is unusually effected by something called emotional contagion.  This is the same sort of well-known phenomenon that happens when you see someone yawn and you are suddenly overwhelmed with the urge to yawn yourself.  This effect is so powerful, the trigger doesn’t even have to be human… even a dog yawning can set off a whole roomful of people yawning along with him!  It’s hysterically funny if you’ve ever seen it happen.

The strange part is that while there may have been no prior PHYSICAL need for anyone to yawn – the trigger was purely psychological and based on something entirely visual – the need to suddenly yawn can be overwhelming.  That’s an example of a contagious emotional event that passes from one person to another (or non-person, as in the case of Rover).

Now here’s the eye-opening part: Dr. Tan discovered that yawning isn’t the only thing you can provoke in someone else by demonstrating it in front of them (in a particular way.)  You can actually make all sorts of other emotional states – such as lust and horniness – contagious to someone else as well.

Hence the name “emotional contagion”.

Which means for us PUA’s… that the good doctor has discovered a very sneaky way to have a woman MIRROR your lust and desire without even understanding why.  Using Dr. Tan’s weird but effective trick, you will watch in amazement as she begins to feel horny and aroused right back at you….

…just like yawning!

I know this sounds completely ridiculous, but you’ve got to watch Dr. Tan actually demonstrate this technique on an unsuspecting woman to see for yourself just how off-the-charts powerful this breakthrough really is.  I’m sure you can imagine how easy it would be to close the deal on a chick when turning her on becomes as effortless as sharing a yawn with her!

Watch this video and see for yourself.  You will be astonished.


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