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Train Yourself to Overcome Premature Ejaculation Using the Edging Technique

by on Aug.10, 2013, under Sex Issues

premature ejaculation

A Little Self-Training Can Put an End to Your Struggles with Premature Ejaculation… Forever

For any of you guys out there who have been struggling with the miserable frustration of premature ejaculation or coming too fast in bed, there’s a self-training technique known as ‘premature edging’ which can retrain your reflexes to be more under your control to help you last longer in bed. Premature edging is all about learning to control yourself from climaxing until you consciously wish to, by learning how to recognize what stage of excitement your nervous system is experiencing and then correcting it before it’s too late. It’s an exercise in elevated mind-body awareness done specifically to control PE. Here’s how it’s done…

Think of your body’s sex-pleasure response as running on a scale from 1 to 10… 1 meaning that you’re hardly feeling anything at all, and 10 being the actual uncontrollable orgasm itself. On this scale, a 2 or 3 would mean that you’re just starting to become physically stimulated but not really all that much yet, whereas a 4, 5 and 6 would describe a deepening descent into orgasmic ecstasy. When you get into the 7 – 8 range you are flirting dangerously close to the point of no return (climax), which we’ll call a 9 on our scale. Passing the #9 point means that you’re going to experience an ejaculation (premature or otherwise!) no matter how you try and stop it — and we don’t want to ever reach this point except in a well controlled fashion… and ONLY when we ultimately desire to release into orgasm!

Premature edging itself involves practice sessions while masturbating at first, and then elevating the intensity with your lover to solidify your self-control still further, seeing if you can slow down in bed. Begin by self-stimulating alone as you normally would until you reach level 7, then slowly backing down until you fall back to a 4 or 5. Resume stimulation until you return to a 7 or 8, then drop back again.

Back and forth we go as long as you can stand to hold back – developing full command and control over your PE. Here’s the important part: you must keep your wits and pay attention to EXACTLY what you’re feeling through the cloud of ecstasy. Try not to get lost in or overwhelmed by the sensations, and remember to keep assigning a numeric value to whatever you’re experiencing. Also note how FAST you tend to cycle through the these various premature edging levels… and try to stretch those intervals out as you become more skilled. With practice you will be able to train your mind/body to control the timing and onset of these levels, and thereby extend how long you will be able to enjoy sex without suffering premature ejaculation.

Now get some Help for Your Premature Ejaculation Training Efforts

Now once you’ve done enough solitary edging and feel ready to move on, it’s time to take things to the next level: premature edging practice with your partner! Here’s where we get the girlfriend or wife to help us out: you should have already discussed all this training with her and she should be happy and enthusiastic to play along with you and help. She will, after all, be a big beneficiary of all this effort on your part, along with yourself of course.

So anyway, after a bit of the usual foreplay together, note the time and enter her in a position that you think creates the LEAST amount of sexual stimulation for you — often the face-to-face missionary position for many men, but use whatever position works best for you. Now gradually build your way up to a level 7 on that “stimulation scale” that you have fixed in your mind. Remember that it’s easy to go storming past the #9 ‘point of no return’ when edging with a real woman, so you need to stay focused on your goal of control!

Self-Awareness and Desensitization are the Path to Curing Your Premature Ejaculation Troubles

Now, once you’re at or just beyond Level 7 and fairly close to orgasm, slow down or even withdraw from her… wait a moment to cool down, then re-enter and build yourself back up again towards the edge. Keep cycling through the levels just as you would do when edging by yourself. Of course, your partner doesn’t have to just lie there like some pillow queen and let you hammer away — she should be helping you to keep control of yourself.

Kiss, talk and tease your way through each session and have fun with it. Performed correctly, premature edging can add an extra element of thrill to your lovemaking — even though it’s serving a greater purpose of orgasm control. Keep this wild and crazy climax control action going as long as the two of you can hold out. Then, whenever you eventually DO come, take note of the time that you held out. If it’s anything more than the usual wham-bang deal then congratulations… you’ve made excellent progress! You’re only looking to get a bit better each time, that’s how desensitization works… gradually.

Next time, you’ll be able to go further still as your mind-body connection becomes more highly skilled — until finally you are beyond the issue of premature ejaculation and simply don’t think about it all that much any more. PE problem solved… or at least significantly diminished to the point where it doesn’t cause you so much mental anguish any more.

Here are a few good systems for PE control that you may want to take a look at:

Ejaculation By Command
by Lloyd Lester

Lloyd Lester is an expert on the subject of treating premature ejaculation with the use of all-natural methods. He is the author of the highly-acclaimed Ejaculation By Command PE training program, which guarantees immediate results by using a combination of sexually-focused exercises, dietary adjustments and supplementation, and some clever mental trickery to rid men of the curse of premature ejaculation permanently:

by Matt Gordon

Matt is a sex educator and creator of the Ejaculation Trainer who claims that beating premature ejaculation is actually a simple 3 step process that involves: mental reframing, male hormone regulation, and physical control. Once you’ve gone through Matt’s training, you can expect to last through at least 20 minutes of hard pumping with no problem… some of his clients report being able to make love for over an hour!

Premature Ejaculation Trainer Will show you how to control your brain’s premature ejaculation (a.k.a., “prejaculation”) triggers with an effective pattern of training methods and supplements.

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