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Ten things that turn a girl on

by on Sep.26, 2013, under Dating for Men

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Here’s a post I ran across by Genevieve Mullins that I thought made some good points about the sorts of things that turn women on.  I feel it’s always good to get a woman’s perspective when it comes to seduction and dating tips, especially a cute one like her.

This is, after all, about getting inside their heads, right?  Here’s a few interesting quotes that I pulled:

On the power of whispering:

“Whether it’s done in bed or while we’re out in public, a quiet whisper or breathing a little too close to the inside of my ear turns me on almost no matter who I’m speaking to – it’s quite disturbing, actually…”

About holding sway in your relationship with her:

“Don’t let me boss you around too much.  I still like to be the boss in every other facet of my life, but not so much in a relationship.  It’s the guy who I can’t exactly conquer who holds on to my line of interest and attention…”

And about that all-important eye contact:

“Certain ways that guys make eye contact really sets me off.  When, where and how you make eye contact with me matters.  A weird look or a look that lingered too long can really mess up a moment…”

And of course, money:

“You should be able to pay for dinner 7 times out of 10, and be able to spend a reasonable amount of money to do fun stuff together while you’re getting to know her. However, she should also offer to pay herself from time to time and go out of her way to do things for you, too. If she’s not appreciative, doesn’t notice and/or doesn’t reciprocate or at least say thank you over an extended period of time – drop her…”

Read Genevieve’s complete post here: 10 Things that Turn Me On

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