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Ten Signs that a Girl is Interested in You

by on Aug.18, 2013, under Meeting Women

Ten Signs She’s Interested

Here’s a really solid vid I found from a cute girl who calls herself  “Hot Alpha Female”.  She has some excellent advice about sharpening your social recognition skills so that you can “read” a girl that you’re working for signs of return interest.  This sounds like it should be obvious but there are a lot of things to watch for, and I summarized a lot of it in the training highlights below to give you a nice little cheat sheet,



Training Highlights:

1)  Women will initially communicate their attraction to you through suggestive behavior, mainly: flirting and enticing body language.

2)  If she “gets” your humor and LAUGHS along with you, she’s becoming attracted, at least to some degree…

3)  A nervous laugh from her is even better because it betrays the fact that she’s now feeling a bit insecure and anxious around a guy whom she is strting to like…

4)  Does a woman try to touch you at all while you’re conversing with her?  She may invade your personal space or actually brush up against you, fix an article of clothing, etc.  These are all “preening” signs that she’s beginning to get comfortable with you…

5)  Important body language sign:  She turns and squares her shoulders / hips / chest directly at you.  A girl who isn’t interested in you or is deliberately trying to put you off will NOT face towards you, but will instead attempt to place you at an angle to her line-of-sight.

6)  Your Next Move:  Mirror these same actions and touches right back at her and see if she withdraws or is tickled by your attempt to mimic her closeness!

7)  An interested woman will want to know more about you: who you are, what you do, what your family is like, where you live, what sorts of interests / hobbies you have, etc.

8)  She will open up and begin to offer details about her own life, goals, dreams, interests, etc.

9)  Small, simple questions coming from you will elicit long, involved, drawn out answers from her… indicating a desire to share her mental-emotional life with you…

10)  An interested woman will focus on you and begin ignore her others friends, the surrounding activities or environment.  This called closing the bubble – which signals the beginning of that intense, pre-sexual infatuation period which can be the best part of the mating dance!
hot alpha female


Our thanks to “Hot Alpha Female” (whoever you are 😉 … who certainly fits her billing as you can obviously see.

Visit her very interesting blog

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