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First Date Checklist for Every Man

by on Dec.10, 2015, under Dating for Men

firstdateAs the old adage mercilessly states – you only get one chance to make a first impression. No matter how much you try to play this fact down the undeniable truth is always there, especially  in the emotional part of our lives. The thrill of the first date is, therefore, almost always half-pleasure, half-torture, since no one but the biggest alpha males out there can claim that they do not feel at least a bit nervous and insecure when meeting a girl they like for the first time.

You will never be able to fully get rid of this feeling and it is perhaps for the best because this nervousness can often work for our own good (the first date is not the moment to open yourself completely). However, there are a couple of things you should make sure you remember which will help you remove the unnecessary stress and focus on what you can do best – charming that girl off her feet.

Find out as much about her as possible without being too creepy.

In this day and age it is very easy to find some basic info about your date without asking her directly. Social networks are all the rage – gone are the days when you would have to feel uncomfortable because you do not know your dates last name. Do not go too far though – although it is equally easy to find out when her birthday is, she would probably consider it a bit creepy if you knew something like that on the first date.

Dress comfortably.

Putting on the clothes you look best in does not have to be the best idea for the first date. Sometimes, some of our finest pieces of clothing can be terribly uncomfortable. They can also make us sweat more than we would sweat otherwise and if this happens, no deodorant will help hide the nervousness. Try to strike a balance between looking good and feeling comfortable.

Pick the right restaurant before you meet the girl.

Again, the deliciousness of the food should not be the main factor in choosing the venue to impress your date. As a matter of fact, some delicious food can cause not at all delicious problems with digestion and uncomfortable smells. Avoid spicy cuisines and focus on something classier.

Let her talk as well. Let her impress you, too.

In trying to present all their good qualities, many guys make a mistake of not letting the girl talk too much. The thing to remember is – girls like to see that you are smart, but above everything else like to be listened to. Being a good listener is crucial for your success so let her tell you all that she wants.

You probably will not get too far on the first date, but you should prepare for any eventuality.

Yes, let’s be realistic, the first date will probably only show you if you have any chance of further pursuing your goal. Not many girls will surrender completely the first time they see you and it is a good thing – taking things slowly usually means better chances of a more fundamental bond forming between you two. Sometimes, however, you might just want to have a little fun and if the girl you are dating has the same preference at that particular moment, it would be a shame not to rise to the occasion. A pack of condoms is, therefore, a must. Put it in your pocket, shut down your computer and go. You can do it.


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