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Cold Approach Women by Card Sharking Them

You look up from your physics book and there she is… beauty shimmering as if it were minted only that morning. You meet eyes with her for an instant, but then look away… uncertain. The universe seems to stand still for an extra moment, and down in the burning pit of your stomach you realize that you had a hanging softball floating right there in front of you but you could only helplessly watch it go whistling by.

Did something like this ever happen to you? Did the stars just suddenly fall into alignment one day and boom there she was, not just any girl but THE girl… waiting to be plucked like a ripe fruit? I came up with the idea of card sharking in response to this exact sort of surprise social frustration that used to drive me crazy. Card sharking is a way to keep your head in the social / romantic game by turning a normally terrifying action (cold approaching) into a routine one…

…and to do it just when you need it the most!

Custom Cards for Dating

To facilitate the smooth trading of contact information in situations such as this, so that you can get your foot in the door with a date, you need to be prepared by having two things on your person at all times: a 1) a custom business card that I call a “Me Card”, and of course, 2) a handy pen.

Here’s a sample dialog that you could use when presenting your Me Card to a girl: “I couldn’t help but notice you sitting there deep in thought (or whatever she’s doing), and I thought I’d take a chance that you might be free to meet me for a cup of coffee or have lunch sometime… could I give you my card?” Smooth and simple. Not overly intrusive or fumbling, very classy.

She’ll be impressed with your style even if she’s engaged or claims to have a boyfriend and can’t accept your offer — and you will walk away with your ego pumped up either way that it goes. Heck, she might even take the card for a girlfriend of hers who could stand to meet a cool guy like you… and now you’ve got a setup! You never know how these things can shake out, but you’ve got to take some kind of action to get the ball rolling, it won’t roll on its own. This is an easy way to do it.

So what is this Me Card? It’s a personalized business card that acts as a pretense to make contact with any woman that you see just hanging out on the street, at work or school, etc. The idea is to use this commonly accepted communication tool in a new and different way that is enticing to women socially because it gives you a chance to show off your stuff in a way that gives you: 1) an instant boost of credibility, and 2) an exciting thing to do on a first date. Ah-ha! (It also gives you something to do with your hands rather than fidget around nervously).

These cards are actually a sneaky way to brag about yourself without being an a-hole about it. It introduces some kind of interesting skill that you’re good at and, even better, suggests that you actually teach it. See, you don’t just participate in this sport or hobby – you give private lessons or are a personal tutor of some kind. Instant cool credibility!

For instance, suppose you enjoy sailboating and you DO in fact own a small sailboat that you like to putter around the local harbor with on weekends. Here’s what you do: make up a custom business card like the one shown below which proclaims that you give sailboating lessons:

SailBoating Lessons
Capt. Mike Quint

Text: 555-1234
Facebook: Mike Quint
Twitter: @sharkhunter123

Include as little or as many channels as you wish for her to get in touch with you. Remember, this is supposed to be a card to promote your business, so there has to be some contact info on it in order to seem real. Naturally, you don’t deal these out to just anyone (because you don’t really give sailing lessons, right?), but they are impressive to cute women who’ve responded favorably to your approach. Women will rarely call you on the phone, but they WILL text or message you on Facebook, so be sure to give them this option. And of course if you can, get her number as well in a swap.

Me Cards are also a perfect conversational hook — she reads it and maybe asks: “You know how to sail?… That’s really cool…” So you tell her a little bit about sailing, paint a beautiful picture with words, mention that it’s just a fun little side business you run… and oh, by the way, would she like to take a “free lesson” with you this Saturday afternoon? Plus, there’s this great little clam bar down on the harbor strip, etc., etc. Make it sound enticing — think this all out in advance and keep all the various details stored in your head ready to go.

BAM… just like that you’ve got yourself a unique first date lined-up with a girl that you just spotted while out and about who happened to catch your eye! Plus it’s an ACTION DATE — which is the best kind of theme for a first date. (Remember, action = passion). And since the activity presented on the card is something that you enjoy and are competent doing, you will be at your best and sexiest demonstrating a cool skill that you’re confident about showing off.

Move over James Bond!

Now just look at what this little custom business card can accomplish for you: it acts like a personal advertisement for you AND it limits the channels through which you will accept replies from these women (if that’s something that you need to control). In addition, you can tweak the truth (or just flat out lie like a dog) in order to make yourself look good! Hey, all is fair…

Okay, but what if you’re a garbage man or a dishwasher? So what?… you’re promoting a cool HOBBY or some other type of skill about yourself — not necessarily your occupation. So don’t worry if your job is nothing special to brag about — I’m sure you can come up with something that’s speaks more to some passion in your life rather than the crummy task that you happen to make a living at. Maybe you like to custom airbrush motorcycle gas tanks as a part-time hobby, or volunteer your spare time at the local zoo where you help hose down the baby hippos… whatever. Women absolutely dig this sort of thing… it means that you have a life beyond just moping around like some sad and lonely guy trying to pick up girls.

So proclaim your passion proudly… it’s all part of your Male Display after all, your peacock feathers — never be afraid to show them off!

Get started right now: you can design your own “Me Card” custom business cards right here.  (Also be sure to take a look at these discount coupons on the coupon page, and save a few bucks while you’re at it).

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