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The First Impression You Make on a Woman is SUPER Critical

by on Oct.17, 2016, under Dating for Men, Meeting Women, Self Confidence

gorgeous girlWhenever a rookie straight out of college first begins playing in the National Football League, one of the first things that usually gives him trouble is adapting to the higher SPEED of the game. One extra second spent zig-zagging around behind the line of scrimmage looking for a large enough hole to waltz through, and those lightning-fast linebackers will be on you in a flash.

Look, only the cream of the college crop get drafted into the NFL every year. This means that, relative to college level teams anyway, every NFL team is an All Star Team. Even the crappiest.

Well, that’s a good analogy, because here’s something that a lot of guys don’t seem to get about the social nature of interacting with and seducing women: the speed of the game. Especially in the early moments.

What I mean is this: women for the most part generally know within 45-90 seconds of their first meeting with ANY guy whether or not he has any chance whatsoever to make hay with her romantically. THAT’S how snap their judgements of men can be. This is why you must understand how important first impressions are when it comes to capturing the romantic attention of women. Bungle a first impression and you could very well have an impossible mission ahead of you trying to recover.

Guys tend to think they have all sorts of time to slowly grind down a chick by hanging around and repeatedly making a “helpful” pest of himself, either at work or school or whatever. They believe that she’ll eventually break down and come to see how wonderful and lovable he is.

I’m telling you right now, FORGET that theory, it is not reality.

Whether it’s because women are just so haphazardly frivolous, or just so incredibly skilled at dissecting and deciphering the true intentions of men, is part of their feminine mystery. It’s probably a little of both. But the fact remains that for the most part “the game” with any particular woman is oftentimes won or lost within the first minute or two of meeting her. Read that again if you have to and drill it in, because it will sharpen your mindset when it comes to dealing with women.

To get a little scientific about it, this automatic screening process is called cognitive disregard – and once you have been placed into the “uninteresting-or-just-not-my-type” category in a woman’s mind (which can happen in seconds), you effectively become invisible to her and may as well not exist. At least in a romantic sense. If you have ever tried to force along a conversation with a woman who has made this judgement of you, and she refuses to even meet your eye while you talk, you have been cognitively disregarded my friend. Game over.

To prevent this from happening, you’ll always want to set yourself apart from the boring mass of men as much as possible in order to attract a woman’s attention and get her wheels turning. You can do this with your look, style, physique, general appearance, etc.) but these are only surface characteristics that will either re-enforce your juice in real time or kill it.

It is the total package of how you use your body, your facial expression, willingness to make and hold eye contact, etc., rather than what you actually talk to her about. That’s important: it’s not the content of an opening conversation, it’s the delivery.

sexy shoesAs far as women are concerned, the key to a great first impression is demonstrating a bit of self-restraint or what I call personality balance. For instance, you always want to be a bit funny and show a sense of humor around women, but you don’t want to go overboard and become a full blown “jokin’ a-hole”. Know what I mean? Seem confident to whatever degree you can manage, but don’t act arrogant – that will only come off as phoney and maybe even ridiculous. (Simply convince yourself that you do this all the time and that it’s just another routine part of your life, flirting with cute girls, that is.)

Show off a bit of clever intelligence, but don’t come across as some kind of know-it-all dork who cynically dismisses everyone else’s “stupid” opinion at every turn. That’s obnoxious, not impressive. Show her that you’re ambitious and career-minded, but don’t make it sound like you’re an obsessed workaholic who has no life beyond your job or career. See what I mean here? Balance. It’s about walking the line between silly extremes to make yourself seem fun and normal. With just a touch of intrigue and mystery to boot.

This is the posture from which you can now ask for a date and have a reasonable chance of NOT being shot down. That’s rejection control!

Some more quick tips about how to make a positive first impression, even if you feel that your life is mostly mundane and uninteresting:

1) Don’t be completely dismissive about what you do for a living. In fact, think ahead and try to find some aspect of it to play up and make sound cool or unique. Remember, you want to draw her into your world, not scare her away with boredom! Therefore, you’re NOT a short-order cook… you’re a minimalist culinary artist. And someday you want to have your own restaurant. See? Sell her on your dreams!

2) Focus more on the people-centered aspect of your profession (which interests women) and less on the technical details (which usually bores them). For instance, if you’re a photographer, talk more about the interesting people that you’ve photographed and less about megapixels and f-stops.

3) Play up any and all of your future dreams for advancement in your field, or maybe even your ongoing pursuit of some new “dream” profession or idea. This shows that you have some genuine ambition for yourself and are not just resigned to remaining stuck wherever you currently happen to be in life. That turns women on. Like a well-developed character in a novel, you always want to paint your life experience as being rich and complex in order to hold her fascination… and maybe even get her to join in with your personal ’cause’ as well.

Finally, the most important thing to remember about meeting girls is that genuine “perfect chances” to meet someone really special are few and far between. So carpe diem my friend, as the old Romans used to say. Seize the day when those chances do occur.

And then conquer her!

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Why Women Put Guys in the Friend Zone

by on Jan.17, 2014, under Meeting Women, Self Confidence

gorgeous legs

By Guest Writer
Will Legend

Why Women Put Guys in the Friend Zone

“I talk to plenty of girls but they all think I am just a friend…”

This is the frustration of a 17 year-old male who recently reached out to me for help.  Truth is, we’ve all been put in the friendzone, and once we’ve been banished to this dreaded place, we stay there. Permanently. We think of ingenuous tactics to win her over… we count down the days ’til we confess our undying love.  But deep in our minds, we know that this has no effect. She simply thinks of you as just a “friend”. She would be terribly uncomfortable if you made a move on her.

This problem is awfully commonplace. If I got a dollar every time someone said they were in the friendzone, I’d be a millionaire. And obviously, getting out is an uphill (and sometimes impossible) battle.

But for the sake of this post, let’s look at the reasons why she put you in the friendzone to begin with.

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Turn Women on Instantly with this New Scientific Method

by on Oct.03, 2013, under Meeting Women

weird science

I suppose it HAD to happen someday: with all the major advances in psychology and behavioral science in the past decade, I knew that a REAL doctor was going to come along one day and figure out how to seduce a woman with methods that would be precise, scientific and tested.

And now it’s happened.

Psychologist Dr. David Tan has become a minor celebrity in Asia, where he was actually pushed out of a prominent teaching position at a top university for conducting social-sexual research that was deemed too controversial.  You see, Dr. Tan’s research into the question of  “what makes a woman want to sleep with a man?…” happened to offend too many of his stuffy academic peers, and they waged a successful protest for his removal.

But WE love this guy don’t we?… a guy who aims to answer those truly great life questions such as, “How do I get that hot bitch over there interested in boffing me?…” — questions that are genuinely important for the enrichment of our lives. 😉

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Using the Secrets of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ to Score Hot Girls

by on Sep.13, 2013, under Meeting Women


Can ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ help you Meet Women?

Among all the zillions of books on, what do you think is the top selling category? Sports? Cookbooks? Fiction by established writers like Stephen King or James Patterson? I was hoping at one time that it would be books about picking up girls 😉 but it turns out that I was completely wrong…

The answer: it’s a class of books known as Literotica (aka, erotic fiction). But here’s the thing, it’s mostly women who are buying this stuff. According to the rather amazing sales data, there are about as many women buying these sex-packed stories as there are men subscribing to porno websites!

That’s right, every year hundreds of millions of women devour truckloads of literotica – I’ve heard estimates that the highly popular ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ trilogy alone is responsible for several thousand kindle downloads, a DAY!

What’s surprising about all this is that Literotica itself is nothing new and has basically been around since the 60’s. It’s the sort of titillating crap they used to publish in “Penthouse Letters” or “Variations”. You know, those little mini-magazines full of sexy short stories that were supposedly re-printed submissions mailed in from horny readers all around the world? I’m sure the vast majority of them were churned out in assembly-line fashion by bleary-eyed staff writers who were all working from a standardized plot structure.

And lately, this plot structure has become the subject of much interest in the PUA community.

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Ten Signs that a Girl is Interested in You

by on Aug.18, 2013, under Meeting Women

Ten Signs She’s Interested

Here’s a really solid vid I found from a cute girl who calls herself  “Hot Alpha Female”.  She has some excellent advice about sharpening your social recognition skills so that you can “read” a girl that you’re working for signs of return interest.  This sounds like it should be obvious but there are a lot of things to watch for, and I summarized a lot of it in the training highlights below to give you a nice little cheat sheet,


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Three things to know about Bars and Clubs

by on Aug.13, 2013, under Meeting Women

Clubs can be hard on the ego, they are not really the “normal world” where regular social techniques are all that effective…

And that’s because everybody has their eyes on the top 10% of hot bodies (both men and women) and everyone else looks diminished and low quality in their shadow. This makes it damn hard to get a “hearing” from women, so it’s a tough environment that requires a thick skin for rejection. That’s because girls who would otherwise pick up a flirt and play around for awhile with any guy like yourself will reject you pretty quickly instead, especially if it’s obvious to them that you don’t have a lot of “club mojo” or aren’t a regular player in that environment.

For instance, if you happen to have the male disease of shortness like I do, you will seem that much shorter and perhaps even comical standing next to the towering, muscular Sven or his rap star look-alike buddy at the nightclub. Girls who would otherwise pick up a flirt in a grocery store isle will reject you in a heartbeat simply for failing to make that top 20% cut. The nightclub environment requires a thick skin for casual rejection if you happen to strike an average pose, to say the least.

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Responding to a Surprise Flirt from a Woman

by on Aug.13, 2013, under Meeting Women

There is no worse feeling than failing to pick up on a surprise flirting opportunity, thus blowing an absolutely perfect chance to meet a hot girl!

flirtYou’re at the corner Gas-N-Go doing some mindless chore when suddenly you find yourself face-to-face with a little cutie who’s gazing back at you with that glassy, wide-eyed look that all us guys with one track minds love to see. You smile and make some ridiculous remark about something totally pointless, but she lights up anyway and gives you a rockin’ return smile. You maybe even get a flash of that doe-eyed, “take me” look. Pre-occupied with the weighty decision of Cheesy Poofs vs. Raw Onion Crunchies however, you have no time to humor her along any further.

So after this brief but enlightening exchange of pleasantries you turn away and ignore her. You then spot the girl a few minutes later while up at the counter checking out, but now she won’t even look at you – or she gives you that quick “too bad” look and vanishes into the parking lot. A few minutes later while driving back home you think to yourself… “Geez, was that chick flirting with me or what?…”

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The Easiest Way To Attract Women Finally Revealed

by on Aug.09, 2013, under Meeting Women

naked redhead

Do you want to know the absolute easiest way to attract women… something that’s NEVER been revealed before?

I’ve spent a long time in the seduction community. I’ve been through David D, Mystery, Carlos, David X, Thundercat… you name it I’ve tried it.

Along the way I’ve come to realize that pretty much everything there is to teach has already been taught… and I thought it was time to start teaching something NEW… something a MILLION times faster, more effective, and more powerful than anything else.

Now, I’ve done a comprehensive analysis of all the PUA materials out there, and I’ve found there are 3 problems with ALL of them:

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Learning to be a DJ: A Fantastic Social Hobby that will Get You Laid

by on Aug.09, 2013, under Meeting Women


By Guest Writer
Christian Hudson

DJ’s get all the girls!

That my friend, is a simple fact of life in the world of clubs and parties. But here’s the real question… is it possible for YOU to learn how to possess this same kind of mojo and peel some of this action off for yourself?

A few years ago, I got into DJ’ing as a hobby. As someone who used to love playing video games, and who loves music even more, it was like a perfect marriage. Something about composing fun mixes on a device that’s basically a Fisher Price toy for grown up boys… many nights were spent figuring out how to pump out the jams on my VCI-300.

For most nascent DJ’s, the first few months are solitary. There were nights when I’d be up until 3 or 4 AM, learning the songs, the points to come in and out, which songs worked well with which songs. Like the mad scientist who made the accidental discovery that sulfur is the missing ingredient to make rubber pliable, I’d never have guessed that “Take On Me” and “In Da Club” blend together perfectly, until I was playing around with 89-92 bpm songs late one winter night

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Five Steps to Having Better Conversations with Women

by on Aug.08, 2013, under Meeting Women


By Guest Writer
Scot McKay

Five Steps to
Having Better Conversations
with Women

So you’ve finally decided to start up a conversation with that cute girl you’ve had you’re eye on all night. You’ve introduced yourself, and she has responded with a smile and told you her name. Cool, except for one problem: this is the point where MOST guys completely DRAW A BLANK. They now are void of words.

It’s as if all the killer things to say in any situation that you had memorized just turned to VAPOR and disappeared into thin air!

Well, as painful the memories that my example conjures might be, I’ve got some excellent advice for you in this short article about becoming a better conversationalist around women. There are at least FIVE concrete ways that you can make sure the blank mind disease never afflicts you again:

1) Observe Your Surroundings

The first mistake that guys typically make when starting a conversation with a woman is they get SO FOCUSED on “what to say next”, that they forget to simply LOOK AROUND at what’s going on and just draw comment fodder from that, which is what most Naturals do.

Perhaps ironically, being observant usually leads to countless NATURAL, LOGICAL places you could immediately go with a conversation. What’s different or intriguing about her? What is she doing? If you’re at the supermarket, what’s in her shopping cart?

It doesn’t even need to be about her directly. What music is playing? What’s happening across the room that’s worthy of noticing? ANYTHING based on real-time observation in the moment will work a LOT better than searching through the file cards in your brain in “panic mode” searching for the right line to drop on her.

2) Listen to Her for Buzzwords to Seize On

Another casualty of working SO hard inside your head to come up with something to say is that you forget to LISTEN to her for something she says which you can then grab hold of and fuel the convo with.

Have you ever been in a conversation where the other person was clearly thinking the whole time about what to say next that he or she completely MISSED every single thing you said? Yeah, well… so has she. And it’s about as uninteresting to her as it is when it happens to you.

Remember…after you give her SOMETHING to talk about (see above), LET HER TALK. If and when you pay real attention to her, you’re bound to come up with about a dozen directions you can take the conversation from there.

3) Keep Everything Positive

I have a friend to talks about guns and death almost all the friggin’ time. It’s fascinating to watch people leave him standing around by himself at parties once he gets going with all his “Faces Of Death” references. Whatever you do, don’t be a “Face Of Death” kind of guy. Keep the topic of conversation light and centered around bringing a smile to HER face!

Needless to say, being a “hater” is a downer too. Save any complaints you have about ANYTHING for WHATEVER reason for the appropriate customer service department.

Remember, girls just want to have fun!

4) Lower The Pressure on Yourself

Talking to women is NOTHING like trying to sell aluminum siding door-to-door, please tattoo that into your long-term memory. It’s not a race to see how fast you can get her phone number, and for Pete’s sake (whoever he is) banish the thought of “escalation” from your mind… at least for now. You do not have to score tonight or die — seduction is a process. They used to call it courtship, remember?

It’s just a conversation… it’s not a COMPETITION!

This isn’t about whether she’ll “accept” or “reject” you and it’s also not a contest to see how soon you can get to first base. Relax and take inventory as to whether or not you even LIKE her for a few moments. She’ll appreciate that.

By the way, if you LEAD with a “low pressure” vibe — being sure to keep 18″ away from her at first, etc. — she’ll FOLLOW. And she’ll LIKE YOU. You are NEVER automatically creepy, weird or pushy simply because you’re male. You’re only creepy, weird or pushy if you’re creepy, weird or pushy! So relax and stop being so hard on yourself.

5) Know What’s Funny, And Look For It

Rest assured, you don’t have to be a comedian to attract women, but you should get acquainted with what makes laughter happen and be on the lookout for it. Examples include exaggeration, play on words (i.e. puns) and using words with dual meanings in a way OTHER than what’s expected in context. Women are tickled by clever humor, not dumb set-up jokes or nasty put-downs of other people.

Importantly, you don’t at all have to TRY to be “funny”. Just knowing what funny LOOKS LIKE can be immensely valuable in and of itself. Said another way, take “having a sense of humor” literally. Be able to SENSE when humor is present.

Keep all five of these principles in mind when hanging out with other dudes or even in business meetings (including job interviews), and you’ll be well on your way to achieving social mastery.

*          *          *

Scot McKay has created a huge audio library of dozens of topics designed to train men on how to improve their social skills and scoring game around women. Take a listen to Scot’s new audio program, Secrets to Success with Women for Shorter Men right here:

In this new program you will learn:

* The #1 thing that women are looking for in a man, which most men cannot deliver upon, tall or short. Get this one thing right and enjoy incredible positive attention from women, regardless of your height.

* Why women think they want a taller guy… but why many taller men disappoint them. Deliver in a way the taller guys cannot and you’ll win.

* What many shorter guys have going for them that they almost universally want to get rid of, and why this is a major mistake.

* A simple, objective principle you can apply to your personality today that will dramatically increase your attractiveness to women immediately. Do this the FIRST day you receive my program and enjoy the benefits forever!

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