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Ten things that turn a girl on

by on Sep.26, 2013, under Dating for Men

cute chick

Here’s a post I ran across by Genevieve Mullins that I thought made some good points about the sorts of things that turn women on.  I feel it’s always good to get a woman’s perspective when it comes to seduction and dating tips, especially a cute one like her.

This is, after all, about getting inside their heads, right?  Here’s a few interesting quotes that I pulled:

On the power of whispering:

“Whether it’s done in bed or while we’re out in public, a quiet whisper or breathing a little too close to the inside of my ear turns me on almost no matter who I’m speaking to – it’s quite disturbing, actually…”

About holding sway in your relationship with her:

“Don’t let me boss you around too much.  I still like to be the boss in every other facet of my life, but not so much in a relationship.  It’s the guy who I can’t exactly conquer who holds on to my line of interest and attention…”

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Killer First Date Mistakes to Avoid

by on Sep.22, 2013, under Dating for Men

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Nowadays, women are beginning to expect more creativity from men regarding their skills at dating…

There’s no doubt that those men who can deliver the psychological goods possess a definitive edge nowadays. One serious dating landmine that I think you may want to avoid is pressing forward straight into a heavily romantic date too soon, especially as a FIRST date.

Romantic dates staged too soon in the “feeling out” process can quickly get out of control and devolve into ugly pissing contests just as easily as they can a roll in the sack… and often due to some minor issue that should’ve never come up in the first place if the two of you weren’t so intent on interrogating and testing one another.

That’s because these pre-first-sex dates can be too heavy on the talking and too light on the connecting. Too much self-revelation right out of the gate cancels out most of the fantasy elements that likely got her interested in you in the FIRST place — so don’t be too anxious to shed your cloak of mystery and get things grounded in reality right away. People do this because they’ve been burned before and don’t trust anyone, and so they want to strip away all pretenses ASAP and find out what they’re dealing with (another loser?… another crazy bitch?…) before they invest too much time and hope into another person who turns out to be not what they originally seemed.

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Using the Secrets of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ to Score Hot Girls

by on Sep.13, 2013, under Meeting Women


Can ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ help you Meet Women?

Among all the zillions of books on, what do you think is the top selling category? Sports? Cookbooks? Fiction by established writers like Stephen King or James Patterson? I was hoping at one time that it would be books about picking up girls 😉 but it turns out that I was completely wrong…

The answer: it’s a class of books known as Literotica (aka, erotic fiction). But here’s the thing, it’s mostly women who are buying this stuff. According to the rather amazing sales data, there are about as many women buying these sex-packed stories as there are men subscribing to porno websites!

That’s right, every year hundreds of millions of women devour truckloads of literotica – I’ve heard estimates that the highly popular ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ trilogy alone is responsible for several thousand kindle downloads, a DAY!

What’s surprising about all this is that Literotica itself is nothing new and has basically been around since the 60’s. It’s the sort of titillating crap they used to publish in “Penthouse Letters” or “Variations”. You know, those little mini-magazines full of sexy short stories that were supposedly re-printed submissions mailed in from horny readers all around the world? I’m sure the vast majority of them were churned out in assembly-line fashion by bleary-eyed staff writers who were all working from a standardized plot structure.

And lately, this plot structure has become the subject of much interest in the PUA community.

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The Way Women Want their Boyfriends to Behave

by on Sep.05, 2013, under Dating for Men

I found this vid poking around on YT and thought you might grab a few insights from it.  I summarized most of Jenna’s core points below.  I agree with the first four items as being noble characteristics to strive for in any sort of relationship — the rest I think are more personal gripes based on her own bad experiences with guys, but she does make a few good points nonetheless.  See what you think.

by Jenna Anne

Crib Notes Summary:

Demonstrate real confidence in yourself, NOT arrogance (a.k.a. fake confidence)…

Don’t take yourself too seriously, be light-hearted and easy-going…

Don’t make “throw away promises” that you don’t intend to keep just to get some immediate result from her (sex, shut the hell up, etc.).  Follow through with all your promises, or don’t make them in the first place…

Do those little “under the radar” things that tickle her by making her seem like she’s your girl…

Tease her lightly and always in good humor…

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